The Internet of Value

Information moves friction-free because the Internet is:


Available everywhere.


Anyone can access it.


Easily connects between different networks.


Works anytime and anywhere.

Counterparty free

No structural dependency on middleman.

We believe money can be the same way.

RippleX: the open platform for money

RippleX Platform is the open platform for money that provides tools, services and programs that make it easy for developers to integrate payments into their applications.

The RippleX Platform builds on open source core technologies that allow for sending and receiving real time payments in any currency.


Fast and cheap transfer of value. Decentralized, liquid, widely available.


A standardized open protocol to simplify payment in any currency and easily bridge through XRP for real time payments.

Web Monetization

An open standard to allow content creators to easily charge for consumption of their work.

The RippleX Platform offers a number things to developers:


To make it easier for developers to integrate these core technologies into their applications

- APIs
- SDKs
- Docs, sample code, and demos


To easily access the networks that these core technologies operate

- Data
- Test and development networks
- Ledger explorers

Programs to help developers

- Advocacy and outreach
- Support
- Investment and partnership opportunities

The RippleX Platform is built for any developer in any industry to leverage, however, we are focused at this stage on a number of primary use cases


Wallets and exchanges


Monetization for creators


Own and trade virtual goods with others

History of RippleX

RippleX was launched over a year ago to support the Internet of Value (IoV).

Since then, we have been focused on partnering with and investing in companies that are using decentralized technologies and are aligned with our vision.

Through this process it became clear that there is an opportunity to make the core technologies easier to use - hence RippleX Platform was born.

In many ways, this is an extension of the mission that Ripple has been on for years. While RippleNet is an enterprise solution that allows financial institutions to tap into the power of XRP, the RippleX Platform provides similar solutions for developers.

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