Each of RippleX, XRP Ledger, PayID, and Interledger are part of an ecosystem that supports a decentralized and open system of sending and receiving value across networks. Which parts you use will depend on what you want to achieve. By developing your apps within this ecosystem, you can implement open, effective, fast, and nearly costless web monetization.


What is the XRP Ledger?

The XRP Ledger is a decentralized cryptographic ledger, powered by a network of peer-to-peer servers. It is the home of XRP, a digital asset designed to bridge the many different currencies in use worldwide. With RippleX Dev Kit, you have out-of-the-box support for the XRP Ledger.

See XRP Ledger for more information.

What is Interledger?

The Interledger Protocol V4 (ILPv4) describes a protocol for sending packets of money across different payment networks or ledgers. Interledger is an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers, and is based on ILPv4. Connectors route packets of money across independent networks in a similar manner to how packets of data are transmitted over the Internet. The open architecture and minimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system.

Interledger is designed to be independent of any company, blockchain, or currency.

Although RippleX straightforwardly supports XRP Ledger, you can also use RippleX with other ledger implementations, such as this Rust implementation of the Interledger Protocol (ILPv4). See Interledger Rust Alpha Release for more details about setting up your own Interledger node.

See Interledger for more information.

RippleX ecosystem brings improved web monetization

Numerous proprietary systems currently exist for sending and receiving value across networks, but these have different drawbacks such as lack of openness, slow speeds, and high costs.

When you use RippleX with the XRP Ledger, or an Interledger implementation, to send or receive value, the low cost and high speed of the transactions enable many additional possibilities for web monetization.

See Web Monetization for more information.